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West Australian experts in electrical testing & compliance

ET&C WA offer a complete range of compliance services from test & tag, exit lighting and fire safety.

Our technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect and test all electrical appliances in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and specific West Australian legislative requirements.

Why choose us?

  • ET&C WA is serious about safety. Our services ensure that your site is safe and free from electrical hazards in accordance with West Australian Workplace Occupational Health & Safety regulations.
  • We’re committed to training. Our highly qualified technicians undergo continuous improvement training to ensure compliance at the highest standard.
  • We’re backed by our electrical contracting arm, DCSwa. This means that you get the highest level of service by a team that’s helped power Perth’s commercial landscape.
  • We pride ourselves on our ongoing relationships with our customers. We’re dedicated to working with you to improve, maintain and ensure a safe environment.

Our services

By using the latest Infrared thermal imaging technology, we ensure that the latest procedures and methods are employed.

We provide electrical data logging services for customers who need reliable information about their power quality and energy consumption.

We visually inspect and electrically test in-service electrical equipment to ensure personal safety.

Fulfil your ‘duty of care’ by making sure that all emergency and exit lights work adequately.

Checking that your RCD works ensures protects you from the most frequent cause of electrocution.

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