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Emergency Light Testing

Do you have exit lights or emergency lights in your office or building? When was the last time you tested them? Employers have a legal ‘Duty of Care’ to ensure that Emergency and Exit Lights work adequately, in a power outage, or other emergency, so people are able to quickly exit their way out of the building.

Emergency and exit light testing is one of those jobs that many businesses don’t realise they legally are obliged to do every six months under Australian Standards 2293.2.

The Standard instructs that all Emergency evacuation lighting systems shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with the relevant procedures specified in the Standard and that the inspection and maintenance procedures shall be carried out only be persons having qualifications and experience suitable for this type of work.

Six Monthly Procedures

  • Visual checks of all emergency and exit lights in mains operation
  • Check for operation of maintained exit lights and replace faulty lamps where required
  • Where manual discharge test facility is present, operate the test switch and/or circuit breaker to simulate a power failure
  • The emergency lighting system shall remain illuminated for not less than 90 minutes
  • Restore the emergency and exit lights and all charge indicators
  • Report any failures and record data in on-site manuals
  • Record data in electronic format for OH&S auditing processes

Twelve Monthly Procedures

  • Carry out all checks as per six-monthly procedures
  • Clean all emergency and exit lighting diffuses as required
  • Visual checks to ensure that the emergency lighting system operates in correct relationship to the normal lighting in any designated area

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